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Child Horse Wisdom Facilitated Learning Certification

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Children are our future. Unfortunately, as we have been wounded by our lineage, them too have these wounds they carry which are making their lives challenging. Put all these wounded kids in an environment like school, and it can be very difficult for them to thrive, then they go back to their home life where it can be painful to be emotionally intelligent. Offering a space where children and teens can find safety to be and develop social, personal and spiritual skills is what you can create for these kids. In this certification program, you will learn how to establish your own kids and/or teens program by discovering your own medicine with the Balance With Hooves herd. The certification program includes, a self-discovery component in theory and in the field with the horses, horse basics, development of your intuitive gift, energy and how horses shift our own energy fields to help humans heal and learn and a variety of exercises with horses for your future clients in addition to creating and managing client files, collecting data so you can prepare graphs that can help you prove the transformations your clients experience which will help you get more clients and display your credibility. There will be practice, practice and more practice. You will complete this certification program, holding a pride to show off your official certificate as a Horse Wisdom Facilitated Learning Facilitator.

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