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Authentic Freedom Journey💫

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This is an online version of the INTO ME SEE spiritual life coaching program that aims at connecting you with your true authentic self, find your truth and inner light, so you can live a soul-led life. This program gives you exercises, meditations, access to a free group membership, ongoing email support during the program's ideal timeline of 8 weeks. Each lesson guides you step-by-step to the alchemist in you. You are guided to peel the layers that cover you, directing you "back "home" to your true and divine essence doing the deep healing work of uncovering your truth that is wanting to be freed from these layers of fear and darkness. You need to be committed, ready to take ownership of your life and step into your own power with action. By doing this journey, you have given your sacred YES to your higher-self and source. You said "yes" to the real, authentic and magical YOU. This is a self-paced program. The key is to keep consistent in your pace so that you can benefit the most of the healing, learning, and changes. It does NOT involve the BWH herd. It is an online life coaching program. Welcome to YOU. You cannot be interested and inconsistent in your action. Blessings, Frannie Chara

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