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Certified Life Coach and
Certified Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Instructor

Passionate about horses since my childhood, I dreamed that they are part of my life. After being away from the equine world because of my studies, my career and my family, and with the help of a Life Coach I decided to reconnect with my passion and to introduce my daughter, Andréa, to horse riding at age 5.


Andréa had the same love at first sight for horses as me. We were able to share our love for horses and spend quality time together. In 2006, I bought Chinook, a registered Thoroughbred (English Thoroughbred) and former racehorse. Together, we discovered and established a long-term partnership.


After improving my horse riding skills and participating in non competitive riding events, I felt the need to do more than horse riding. As the care provided to my horse brought me a great sense of satisfaction, the desire to become a certified equine massage therapist was added to my "things to do" list.


After obtaining my Equine Massage certification, I developed an intense need to contribute to the healing of horses through Reiki and I am now a Level 3 Reiki practionnner. The combination of massage and healing energy allows horses to be more mentally balanced, emotionally and physically. Chinook was my guinea pig for practicing massage techniques and Reiki treatments. In fact, his years of racing, all around competitions and riding lessons made him an ideal candidate, and he became a very different horse as a beneficiary of my practices.


Then came Tory, a Clydesdale mare who was saved from the slaughterhouse. She arrived with obvious signs of neglect and seemed resigned to her fate. The massages and Reiki treatments gave her confidence and helped her to feel deeply loved. Unfortunately, Tory had been neglected for too long and she died. At least she could understand and feel what true love was.


By having such a love for horses, I have established a bond that only a few people can understand. Just as our journey takes us to places we never thought we would go to, I experienced events and met people who introduced me to horses as I had never known before. As a result, I enrolled in a horse learning program.


Here I am now certified Equine Facilitated Learning instructor from Gratitude Works and a certified Life Coach from Rhodes College and member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).


My personal journey has allowed me to become even stronger through the battles and transitions of life as well as the teachings of autonomy, co-creation and personal fulfillment.


I have spent many years in the business and executive community holding a variety of leadership roles and in the last decade I was a Six Sigma Black Belt certified Leader.   Let's not forget my experience as an individual and single mom determined to make all my dreams come true, one step at a time.  With this, my mission today is to inspire others to journey by taking advantage of new opportunities and to help them write the next chapters of their lives and let go of limiting beliefs to honor their authentic self.




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Important aspect of the personality which determines the wellness and the quality of happiness one will experience


A leader is the inspiration behind the action.  Being in a leader applies for the self and for a group.


Good communication skills are key to success in life, work and relationships.

Problem solving

Creating creative thinking abilities give you a distinct edge in many areas of your life.  Developing this skill involves persistence and innovative thinking.

Goal setting


Healthy boundaries

Create healthy relationships through defining self with others through respecting our needs, self and rights

Team building

Create the experience of teamwork develop an effective team through clear expectations, context, commitment, competition, control, collaboration, communications and culture change

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"Frannie is very passionate about this work and it shows when she talks about it. - as a facilitator.  Providing insight during debrief is a strong point when working in a partnership with the horses.  Frannie is able to read what they are saying and is able to support the herd as needed". 


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