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Hi, I'm Frannie Chara

I am an intuitive "witch" channelling horse magick (a horsewitch) and my favorite spell is lighting the inner light in people.

The magick is felt for people who deeply desire release, healing, alignment, awareness, connection, awakening and remembering that they are divine beings from Spirit, Creator, God, Higher Power.

Through this light, it makes darkness disappear through the way of the horse

 I believe in all possibilities and that inside of us is stored all answers and capabilities to thrive and live an abundant life.

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My Story & how does equine guided coaching work?

On my journey of authentic living, and being fuelled by my desire to transform what was into what could be, I allowed myself to be ME for the first time in my life at 42 years old. I started by identifying my dream: owning a horse.

I started volunteering at a nearby stable mucking stalls just so I could be around horses. Then I started riding, worked at improving my horse riding skills and participating in non competitive riding events. And soon after I bought my first horse an ex-racehorse I name Chinook.  


I eventually felt the need to do more than horse riding. As the care provided to my horse brought me a great sense of satisfaction, the desire to become a certified equine massage therapist was added to my bucket list.

After obtaining my Equine Massage certification, I developed an intense need to contribute to the healing of horses through Reiki and I am now a Level 3 Reiki practitioner. The combination of massage and healing energy allows horses to be more mentally balanced, emotionally and physically.

I practised equine massage therapy as a sideline and my very first experience of communication from a horse came as I was treating a racehorse and I heard in my heart: "I don't want to do this anymore.  Please help." and without thinking about it I answered: "I cannot do anything for you, I don't own you". I knew the owner would not listen to my recommendation to retire the horse. After saying this I caught myself in tears and then questioned myself about what had just happened saying I had imagined this experience.  From that point I decided to no longer do equine massage therapy.

By having such a love for horses, I established a bond that only a few people can understand. Just as our journey takes us to places we never thought we would go to, I experienced events and met people who introduced me to a variety of equine practices as I had never known before.

As a result, I enrolled in a horse learning program whereby human and horse work together for life transformation through personal healing by horse medicine. In 2014 I was officially certified as an Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Coach from Gratitude Works. I then created my business the same year.

I am a firm believer that life events happen FOR us and not to us.  Over a weekend of reflection, I decided to give my notice at my corporate job because another life was awaiting me.  Another dream of having MY OWN farm was in the plan.  I was living from pay check to pay check and I had no idea how I would make this happen but something in me reassured me I was being taken care of.  A week after giving my notice I was offered a job back home.

I packed what was left of my material possessions, after having left most of it in my separation, and I moved "back home" with my daughter and my horses. A month after I arrived, my beloved grandmother passed and left me a heritage. I had no idea she had that money for me, and nine months after moving I bought 100 acres of land with a house and barns which were already on the property.
I created my centre, called Balance With Hooves, and had an official opening. I held workshops, one-on-one sessions, group sessions for team building and developed a school program.  I was getting quite busy as a single mom, with a full-time job, a growing business and the superwoman syndrome caught up with me as a burnout.

I thought: "Ugh!!! more inner work???  Indeed, it was.

In 2018, I resigned from my corporate job and decided to go full out with my business.  A huge leap of faith without knowing for sure if I was going to make it?  Inside a voice was saying: "Do it! do it! do it!" and I had this knowing that I didn't have to figure out the how?  

I enrolled in a life coaching program with a college in British Columbia, and was certified and recognized as a life coach through the Internal Coaching Federation. As I was in the middle of business growth, COVID-19 changed my trajectory. Another "inner-work" opportunity and this one has been by far where I have grown and expanded the most to date.

During this time I became clear of my purpose, my tribe and how I was called to be of service in this time of great planetary shift as an equine guided spiritual coach offering my gift as an intuitive channeller able to translate horse wisdom to those who are called to receive awareness in order to transform their reality.

​And here we are.  Here you are.  Being called to connect for you to create that shift in you through the way of the horse.

My personal journey has allowed me to become even stronger through the battles and transitions of life as well as the teachings of autonomy, co-creation and personal fulfilment but more importantly falling in love with me and seeing me as a human worthy of what I desire and able to create that reality that supports my beliefs, my values.  This is the journey you are called to as well.

From having spent many years in the business and executive community, holding a variety of leadership roles and in the last decade I was a Six Sigma Black Belt certified Leader leading change towards perfection. Let's not forget my experience as an individual and single mom determined to make all my dreams come true, one step at a time.

What to expect?

My approach is "at liberty" with the herd in the field and/or in their stall.  I do not use agendas, nor do I have structured exercises.  I strongly believe that this organic approach is the most effective way for you, the horses and myself to get real connections and real communications that are divinely guided though intuitive chanelling.

Connecting with horses - heart to heart connections - helps get clarity to work through circumstances and issues that hinder our growth and potential.  Horses actually show us what is needed to move forward.

They do this remarkably by sensing our energetic frequency.  Because they are prey animals, their have a hightened sense of awareness of their environment which helps them keep safe.  They can sense our emotions, if we are congruent or not, and from this capacity to read us, they mirror the hidden emotions in us which bring information through their behaviour, body & movements.  We call this feedback, messages, communication.  This is where I receive information that allow me to ask questions to bring you self-awareness which leads to the ability to make great changes in your reality.

You also get to develop your own sense of intuition from the sessions.  We often disregard what we already know.  I  believe God, Higher Power, Spirit ... is IN us NOT OUTSIDE of us and we can have direct communication with this higher power from our developped intuition.  The horses contribute to giving us the experience of this reality.

The lived experience is what makes equine guided coaching so powerful.  It is experienced.  This means, the lesson, the information, the awareness is lived and not heard which anchors what is discovered in the present moment of the experience and which has a significant positive impact.

Now with regards to online equine guided coaching, you may ask: " how can this work if the sessions are done via teleconference?  How can a horse sense my energy when I am not in proximity?"

Energy has no space, no time, no where, no matter thus it can be felt from where you are despite the distance.  This is a concept that is hard to wrap our minds around in this linear life we've been living in but this reality is scientifically proven.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, Heartmath institute and many more have studied and researche this for years and they have many published documents of their findingds.  As experienced here with clients that sign up for distance sessions, many are in a WOW state from their experience that challenges their conventional way of thinking.  When we allow this reality to be a possibility, when we experience it, it is hard to not believe.

No matter what approach you wish to opt for, my mission is to inspire others to journey by taking advantage of new opportunities and to help them write the next chapters of their lives and let go of limiting beliefs to honour their authentic self.

So take that first step, book a free clarity call, let's identify how my horse partners and I can be of service for you and start living authentically the life you are worthy and meant to live when God created you.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Frannie Chara & The Balance With Hooves Herd


Achieve your goals in living authentically.
Let's connect.

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