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Are you listening to the calling of your soul?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

As I clean the stalls and go about my day I am often asking myself: "How did I do it before? Full-time job; Andrea's activities; for over 9 months I had 2 hours of travel per day to and from work; had the horses to care for; the barn to clean; my business to develop and run; the house to clean etc!"

All I can come up with as an answer is: I was on a high of living life fully and passionately! What seemed impossible for others was a routine for me! I was building my dream and I did what I was motivated in doing!

I often feel grateful for my health that is strong enough to support the manual labor required to upkeep this place. I am grateful that I set my own schedule, that I am my own boss, I live honoring my own values, mission, I have my own vision and I am focusing on living my purpose.

As authenticity is one of my top core values I felt a nudge to look at myself in the mirror and face reality!

I needed to be honest... I do have fears and I do feel overwhelmed at times. I have no fix/guaranteed income coming it! Maybe no one will want to come to my events and workshops or solicitate my services? I am doing something I should have done at a younger age! What if I loose my health? And it goes on....

There is nothing wrong with being honest, vulnerable and transparent. For the longest time I felt if I was to share stuff like that I may not appear strong enough to help people?

After I came across a write up from my mentor this realization came to mind: It isn't a sign of weakness to share struggles. As sharing successes, it supports authenticity and reflects what most people feel at one point or another!

If someone can relate to what I am saying as they are reading this I believe it will help them not feel alone no matter what they are going through?

After I was done with a coaching session this afternoon, I was in my kitchen and Beau caught my attention. He was standing straight and tall, his face in the wind, his mane was flying and he gave me a message! Stand strong, the wind is in the sail, your time is near!

When I fall into my fear and let the inner-critic speak louder than he should, my response goes like this: I continue to feed the questions and the answers fuel the fear.

It is a good thing that I don't let it go for too long and I catch myself but at times it can linger for a while.

What helps me is knowing clearly my purpose, knowing my WHY, having a vision and a mission, I can find my way back on the right path. It's like my map; it brings me back on my route to my destination.

Don't give in to your fears! Don't worry about what people will say. Just do what your soul is calling you to!

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