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3-steps to changing mindset

Mindset is a popular term used in many contexts. in sports, in business, in relationships, in personal growth etc. It refers to a state of mind that will direct you towards achieving or keeping you from achievement.

At the base of our mindset is our beliefs. It is incredible the power our beliefs system has over us.

Some beliefs we are aware of but in my practice over the years and as personal experience, the beliefs we are unaware we hold on to are the most detrimental to our progress, our growth and reaching our full potential, living our best life.

Based on the set of beliefs we cultivate we set thoughts that usually are expressed by the contradiction of the other: I am smart vs I’m stupid; horses are dangerous vs horses are beautiful; life is easy for others not for me; being prosperous vs being less fortunate ….

All of these beliefs are established by experiences we have had, what we were taught, our race, where we live, our religion, our family history etc…

Bringing awareness to the beliefs is one of the first foundational part of the process of change. We can’t change if we don know what is holding us back.

One of the reason I truly love working with my horse partners is that they mirror our energy. Another reason is their feedback is instantaneous.

A woman came to experience horse medicine. After a briefing of the exercise she was in the field and the horses were away at the back of the field. She stayed in her spot. The goal of the exercise was to establish and feel a connection with one or more herd member.

The herd grazed and stayed in their spot. After about 15 minute, there was no movement from her and the herd. I went to her and asked how this exercise was going? She burst out crying and said:” they don’t like me”. I asked why she felt that and she responded that none of them came to her.

I asked if this is something she often experiences and she responded it was all there was in her life, people not liking her.

After more questioning and exploration she had the ah-ha moment! She believed that if someone was not approaching her she was not liked and she shared many stories to which I ask what fact did she go by to come to that conclusion?

I proposed:”how would you feel about moving forward towards the herd with an intent to create a connection?” She agreed to try.

I stepped back and allowed her to proceed. I observed a horse look up ~ our lead mare Cleo ~ the client looked at me and I nodded to continue. She moved closer and closer and Cleo walked up to her and started grazing at her feet. The client touched Cleo’s neck and was crying. The herd was snorting, chewing …releasing.

I left Cleo and the client for a long time and Cleo returned to the herd. She had given her medicine.

What changed? What created the connection? The client’s mindset! From there it created a different experience, a different set of emotions = Awareness.

The lesson for the client was to work on changing the old belief into one that matched the new experience.

Changing her mindset which would allow her to have a profound effect on her life going forward. This was the issue we needed to continue working on until she was able to reframe her experiences into ones that matched the new belief.

If you believe you can’t, you won’t. It is as simple as that!

Here is the process:

1) Awareness

2) Decision

3) Action

🧐You need to become aware of what is holding you back = id the belief

😀You need to decide a different way of thinking = decide to create a new belief

💪🏻You need to nurture that new belief

new mindset = new reality

Need help? Book a free 30 minutes Clarity Call and let’s find out how my herd and I can support you.

Love, Light & Blessings

Frannie Chara & The BWH Herd

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