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A leader in the making

Updated: May 12, 2022

The Balance With Hooves herd consisted of nine horses until it was Cleo’s time to transition on a sunny Sunday morning April 25th 2022. (Cleo in the picture below)

She was the lead mare, the anchor for the herd. She was the one with the most common sense, the one who inspired trust in the herd.

In the past year I witnessed her health deterioating. Since the loss of her foal 3 year ago, her hip area was challenging her ability to run, gallop and move around.

I offered massage, Reiki, essential oils to keep her comfortable I didn’t want her to suffer and when she dislocated her hip, I knew it was her time to transition.

I was in denial but had to listen to her request to let her go.

Having lost their leader, I saw the herd adapt to her absence.

Horses do not deal with death like we do. Yes they grieve, they experience the emotion of loss and then they release and continue on. The understanding of their journey in a body is far more advanced than ours. Through animal communication, they share knowledge of the illusion we live in and of the neverending connection to us and everything when the bodily journey is done.

I witnessed a lot of laying down, licking and chewing, yawning, and just total surrendering to the change. Acceptation, processing and comfort in having Cleo present in her new energetic form.

As I was observing them, I wondered which of my two mares would take over the lead?

At one point I thought Sophie would be next but saw she wasn’t ready … and looked at Miss Daisy, an older mare who also had a foal 3 years ago. She is very responsive and alert and also very nurturing. In the herd of 9 she was the one before last. The hierarchy of a herd is set by who is more dominant (at the top) to the more submissive (at the bottom).

In observing the herd this past week, Miss Daisy has changed. She stepped in the role of lead quite smoothly and effectively and the herd has also changed towards her.

I strongly believe and encourage people to step into their own leadership becoming aware of their own power, their value, their voice, their presence. Witnessing Miss Daisy doing exactly that when she was at the botom of the pack speaks volume.

We need to make the decision to become our own leaders and once we decide and we commit to do the inner work, there is no turning back. Also our environment change in how they treat us.

The herd now sees her capabilities, they trust her with a very important job - their survival.

Our survival depends on our ability to become our own leader. We slowly die when we don't live authentically. We loose purpose.

Are you ready for the most important role of your life? Being your own leader? Being YOU? Authentically YOU?

Just as you thought that you didn't have it in you, think of Miss Daisy!

Love , Light and Blessings

Frannie Chara and the BWH Herd

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