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Desire ~

“A state of mind that defines what we think we need in order to be happy.”

~Sharon Salzberg

I’ve experienced that drive by desire which really deluded me. The process of reaching that desire did not give me what I thought it would.

The desire to attain 10K per month, made me give up things in order to get something else and in the whirlwind of that desire I lost my sense of contentment. I lost my gratitude for what I already have, I lost my happy.

I was lost in the thought that reaching it was going to define my happy. I was living, breathing in the attachment of reaching that goal.

What a fool! Attachment does not equal happy. Attachment to anything really, that it be a desire, a person, a place creates contraction and sets us up for disappointment.

And so I let go! Letting go the desire of having, of doing, of chasing.

I am cherishing a renewed sense of self and of what is really important for me. To be in the flow…without chasing. Like the river…it doesn’t go up, it flows.

Happy is not externally with things, people, titles etc. Happy is a state of mind. A vibrational frequency that just is part of the unconscious and is about conscious living.

For any of you out there that is living what I lived or is in the process of letting go, you are not giving up … you are actually and finally answering the call of your Soul.

You are finally understanding the process of QUALITY of life… not possessing, not controlling…

Happy is BEING…

Taking a pause ... I call it a sacred pause it so important. Pausing to just BE with what you already have and in full GRATITUDE for it.

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