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How do I find out my purpose?

Having a purpose in life wasn’t a concept that took much of my time before 2009. Then I came across the topic while reading a variety of personal development books. That question was foreign and the answer was not known. I was entrenched in very-low awareness living then.

With much work on my own, I became passionate at figuring out my purpose. I had started reading about the law of attraction and I was asking to find my purpose. A variety of people, events, resources came my way and I had begun discovering my purpose. While “living life” I started realizing I wasn’t “happy”. Despite having a good job, family being healthy, having a nice house, pool, summer cottage, etc … I couldn’t find content for myself. As I look back, I had no purpose.

Perhaps you feel frustrated, confused, you wake up in the morning and you are not motivated, you go between highs and lows, you are scared of pursuing your dream(s), you feel numb, you envy others of their success, you seek validation, your life lacks direction etc.

A purpose in life is not your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. It refers to the real reason why you’re here and that you exist?

Why is finding our purpose so important? Because it creates a sense of meaning to our life? It makes us feel like we have a place. It gives us a clearer sense of self. It makes our lives easier. It empowers us. It gives us confidence.

To help you find your purpose here are a few questions you can answer and I invite you to document or journal this:

*What are my core values? At times we do not know our core values and we live a life unaware of how we contradict the values we have. Make a list. Select the top 5.

*Ask yourself “what is my purpose”? Make sure you are alone and you are not rushed. For this to be effective, you will need to believe in the possibility you will find your purpose. Write down the answer that comes to mind. Anything. Write it down. Keep on asking yourself this question and writing down what comes to mind until you feel an emotion. The answer you write that causes you to cry will be your answer. You can refer to your core values to start creating your list.

I will warn you; this will not be easy to do for some of you. You may be tempted to walk away from this effort. You may find this bogus. You may feel that you cannot concentrate, or come up with anything? Or you may have a list that is long? Once you have gotten to the words or short sentences that resonate with you. Start creating your purpose in writing. I had to write and rewrite until it resonated with me.

This is what my purpose looks like:

To live honourably, consciously, courageously, from a place of love and humbleness. To motivate others, make a difference and contribute in making life better by helping people recognize their authentic self.

Knowing your purpose is like going on a road trip and having a car that is tuned up, filled with gas, having snacks and a road may knowing which direction you are going. Once you have purpose, you will begin to see exactly what you’re made of. Life also helps by giving us all the things we need to help us with our purpose after identifying what it is.

Our life purpose is not our goals or dreams but it is a map that helps us to create goals and achieve our dreams and our goals and dreams support our purpose.

When you find your purpose, honour it - make it your own. Good luck and this may be the single most important first step to making changes to living your authentic life.

Love and light

Frannie and the herd

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