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Intentions vs. goals

Intentions are from the heart and goals are from the mind.

Here are my thoughts:

As a former leader in various corporate environments, every year we sat down to identify goals for the year ahead. Action plans would be created to ensure we attained the goals we set.

On a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis we would meet and review our progress and identify if we were on track or off track and from the gap identified we would create more action plans to put us back on track towards reaching the identified goals.

These goals were created to move forward and achieve greater success in many areas of the business.

We had questions to answer to when we were far off the planned objectives and at times we walked into a meeting with a “tight ass”. Often times, there were many excuses and people to blame. 🤦🏻‍♀️

When I started my training with the horses and as a life coach, we often referred to “setting an intention” before various activities, gatherings, workshops, courses, exercises etc.

At first I thought:”Ok… we are thinking of goals we want to achieve” but the process was different… we would bring attention OUT of our MIND and INTO our HEART. At that time it was a concept that was difficult for me with my monkey brain. It took me a long time to really set intentions and let me tell you why?

My environment was constantly requiring my mind and that is all I knew.

Goals are thought based. We use our mind. You may agree that our mind is usually operating from the analytical, historical, practical aspect and it is filtered through-our ego, belief system and personal stories.

Intentions come from the heart. Yes our heart ♥️. When connecting with our heart, we are by-passing the above goal setting approach and we are able to connect with our higher-self, our intuition, the Universe/higher power, our spirit guides, angels … the connection is PURE and when we allow to receive the answers… we know we are guided well to succeed and we receive.

Instead of setting goals for 2023 I would invite you to set intentions.

Below are some questions to ask when you are connecting to your heart:

1. What fears do I want to release in 2023?

2. How do I want to feel by end of 2023?

3. What would make me happy in 2023?

Let the answers come to you…in whatever way they are coming. Write down the answers for each question and formulate your intention(s) for 2023.

Let me give you an example:

If you want to loose weight… what fears do you want to release?

It may be the fear of starting and giving up.

Or the family may take over with their eating habits and you are finding it too hard and have little time to prepare your food and theirs?

How do you want to feel by the end of 2023?

You want to feel proud, empowered and successful for your abilities to stick with the changes in your eating habits, exercise and the results you created for yourself. You sense of confidence, self-image has increased etc.

What would make you happy? Your strength, dedication, commitment and transformations.

You see, if you just identify the goal of loosing weight… you are missing out on the most important factors to consider that brings awareness of what you really want … not just the weight loss.

Now that is setting an intention …from the answers you get by going inside your heart… It sets clarity on what you want to work on.

It may bring you to invest in reading books, taking courses, getting a life coach, setting priorities and boundaries that support reaching the state of feeling …instead of just a gym pass or weight loss/management products and/or services.

For me, that approach of setting intentions builds the mindset you need to reach your “goals”.

Although taking an inventory review of where you were at and where you are now is good, when in flow to honour our inner calling… the results can be amazing and better than your mind lets you imagine.

Should you feel the call for support, let me know. We can discuss the best way I can coach you according to your needs.

Love, Light & Blessings

Frannie Chara

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