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Intuition is telling me something new is about to be created

I have been working with my horse partners since 2014. The herd has increased and decreased. Acquring some new horses and witnessing some transition over those years.

I embarked this journey of "being" of service which was motivated by my dream to work with horses. Never, EVER did I understand how hard the years following the start of my dream would be and the personal and spiritual journey of growth I would experience over the years.

In order to market Balance With Hooves, I worked really hard at informing people about horse guided coaching in an environment that looked at me like a deer in headlights. I did presentations, public conferences, had booths at a variety of events. I had journalists interviews, tv news segments... I knocked at a variety of organizations and government officials doors... I can say not much of this made a big difference.... word of mouth did and the attentive ear from a teacher who understood my innovative approach is what created the interest, brought me clients and a following.

Covid-19 did not help my efforts and actually brought a halt to my school and First Nations contracts.

I started exploring online offers.. I quickly realized that much of the environment I am in is not very awake to the concept of energetic work via the way of the horse. Tha majority of people are very ingrained in 3-D and some of the concepts I work with are advanced and hard to grasp.

Despite all this I have had steady clients however, I have felt "off". This Summer I decided to be off duty and take a break from creating and hosting programs, workshops, sessions. I scaled down social media presence did not promote or do anything at all for the business.

It was very beneficial. End of August I thought... I'm ready but my gut said no you aren't but ... I went with my head. I created 2 new containers and opened spots for retreats, open a boutique and opened up for horse motel. All were good.

Why do I not feel it then?

I've come to understand that I need to do something different because I am not feeling it. I keep doing and creating stuff but with my old way of thinking.

At one point last week I thought that this feeling was my ego being critical and downgrading my achievements. Then I felt my higherself saying ... there is something different that is about to be revealed.

I need to create something that is different. Questionning if it had anything to do with my herd... the answer is a strong yes WITH my herd and with horses.

More and more I know the power of intuition. I have been fine tuning my intuition to the point I have become a channel for horse wisdom. I have been working one on one with people giving them personal messages I receive from the herd. I know this gift of intuition is available to all who wants to explore and refine it. I also believe that being able to connect with our intuition is how our higher self and God communicate with us. I know that from this communication we all receive the answers we are looking for. It isn't outside of us.

I transitioned from personal one on one, to creating an 8 week school program, to corporate programs to recently women programs coaching them to peel off the layers of lies to find their truth and inner light to create their reality.

So what is next? Not much different but with a focus on remembering who we are....?

Stay tuned for what is to come?

Thank you all for your support and confidence in me and my purpose of service during this time of planetary shift and of the human race.

Love, Light & Blessings

Frannie Chara & The Herd

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