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The mirror of who we are & what we need to remember

What I love about working in partnership with horses is their accuracy in mirroring us and communicating clarity.

I work at liberty with the herd for clients in the field and/in the barn. Without failure, the appropriate horse shows up for a client. Without failure, the herd's behaviour as a collective mirrors wisdom that is needed. Every single time, a client will unconsciously be drawn towards a horse that mirrors them and/or is called to share wisdom for that client.

100% of the time I have no clue where the session will lead us because I do not prepare, set-up or orchestrate a session. I feel into the horses and allow their messages to come to me through my intuition. Consequently, every session is one of discovery as much for me as it is for the client.

My childhood friend, whom we've kept in touch with for over 53 years, has been back in the area for the care of her Mom, and recently we have seen each other regularly. After a pleasant picnic style luncheon partnered with great wine, we headed out to bring the herd in. She was curious about the activities and responsibilities of this farm, and she helped me out.

After the stalls were prepared, I let the horses come in. Neptune was the first to come in followed by Duke and shortly after Miss Daisy, Neptune's mom made her way to the stall ~ what I call the executive suite due to it gigantic size ~ which she shares with Neptune.

One by one, each horse went into their respective stall other than Beau who I always allow time to hang out with me, and he is always the last one to go into his stall when I direct him to do so.

So my friend, walked towards Neptune and Miss Daisy, and she stayed there while I was taking care of a few things in the barn. I walked over to meet them, and Neptune was being Neptune.

My dear friend does not have horse experience and she'd back up when she felt overwhelmed but would walk back up to Neptune. I observed her keen interest to connect and Neptune's as well.

I asked her how she felt about him and his approach? She replied, he was imposing, but it also felt like she was on the edge of a mountain; thrill and adventure. By the way, my friend is adventurous and has done stuff that to me are very thrilling and scary but exciting as well. As she spoke about this, she was in her truth, out of her head, and Neptune's head came down to my friend's chest level. He decreased his energy level as she decreased her energy level. They eventually matched and connected.

That is what Neptune wanted and that is what my friend wanted as well: to connect with Neptune where she wasn't dancing back and forth but felt safe and comfortable. And there was success. They both found what they were looking for.

I asked her if there was something she was thinking about or missing that had the feeling of thrill and adventure attached to it, or anything else that came to mind about her experience with Neptune?

She shared the realization that he was communicating to her ~actually nudging her ~ to move on and stop putting so much care and energy in caring for someone else where she couldn't control. Also, she believed he told her to not be concerned about big things or big problems. There is always a way to concur - they can morph into something manageable.

Amazing ... this dance with Neptune which focused on connecting when we are in our truth brought this realization to honour her truth and desire and move on.

Interestingly enough, this resonated with me as well on a personal level that I will need to explore sooner than later I believe.

Only when we are in our truth are we living authentically. Helping others, being of service is important but not when we are sacrificing ourselves for an extended period of time setting ourselves aside for the sake of helping, especially when there is just so much we can do to contribute. When there is nothing else that can be done, we need to move on and be who we are without guilt or shame. It doesn't mean we are being irresponsible... it means that we will not be responsible for what we cannot control.

Thank you, Neptune, again for your great wisdom. Thank you to my friend for a story for me to share with you along the wisdom and Medicine of the horse.

Love, light & blessings,

Frannie Chara & the BWH Herd

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