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The rule of five

In my background of a continuous improvement leader when wanting to identify the root cause I used a remarkably simple: method:

Asking Why? five times.

In my work as a spiritual coach I use the same method in a variety of ways.

1-To bring awareness on the core issue and 2-to help identify the feeling and gain clarity behind what is desired.

For example, when a client is working on the core value exercise I have them identify the values that they relate to and I ask why.

It works like this:

Q1) Why is loyalty important to you?

A1) Because I don’t like being lied to

Q2) Why is it that you don’t like to be lied to?

A2) Because I need to trust someone know that they are true

Q3) Why is it important to trust someone?

A3) Because if I invest myself in a relationship I want to be with someone who is for me for us

Q4) Why is it important to have a relationship with someone who is for you?

A4) Because it provides a sense of security

Q5) Why having a sense of security needed?

A5) Because it forms solid connections

In asking all these questions, the client becomes clear why loyalty is important. If there are any doubts, it may be that they are willing to compromise. And we work on getting clear to what point they want to compromise.

I ask an additional question:

”where and how does loyalty feel in your body?

It then becomes a point of reference for them to honour that core value.

You can try this “rule of 5” for just about any decision you want to take, issue want to resolve …

Should you want to book a clarity call so we can find out how I can help you, click on the link below.

Love, Light & Blessings

Frannie Chara & The BWH Herd

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