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What belief is holding you back from improving your life?

What belief is holding you back from improving your life?

Recently, a woman connected up and was inquiring about horse medicine. She lived away and was not in proximity. I explained that it was not necessary to be in proximity to the horses, all we needed was to connect via zoom and an open mind. She agreed to book a session, and below is part of her experience.

The horses were in their individual stalls. We could hear the sound of them chewing hay, the pigeons ~ our permanent residents ~ were cooing. It was very calm.

I smudged, sent her intentional purifying energy and I walked her through a body scan while doing intentional breathing, After we were done, I asked her to observe the horses. I brought the camera to each horse, giving her time to observe each one. Through this, I asked her to let me know if she felt something about a horse. I clarified the feeling is something without figuring it out. Just feeling the connection. She saw Duke, the big Clydesdale, and she said:"Him". We had seen Miss Daisy and Neptune, Duke was the third of my seven horses.

Duke was eating and did not acknowledge us. Although his one ear shifted our way, it quickly turned away from us. His ear turned and returned a few times. I had asked the client to observe Duke, her thoughts and feelings. She was silent for a while. She said that she could not feel anything. Then said she was felt frustrated. She asked what she was doing wrong? What was the horse supposed to do? She added:"It feels like he doesn't like me. Why was it like that?" I asked her why was she saying that, and she said she felt ignored, not seen. I asked if that was a feeling she was familiar with? She cried and said that she felt that way all her life. I asked her to tell me more about that, and she said at her business, her staff seemed against her. Same with friends, and she had issues with her family.

Duke turned his head towards us. Stood straight up and came towards us. I asked her why she thought he came over like that. She said it was odd because when she shared how she felt, that was when he seemed to have changed his attention. I replied: "Yes, you are correct. Why do you think that is?" She was silent for a while. She said, I don't know? I replied:"It is because you are speaking your truth, and he now is attentive. All horses want is for us to be honest, pure, in our hearts. You were, and he recognized that of you. How does it feel?" She replied, that it felt good.

You see what happened was that she automatically believed that people had it against her. This wound from her past had given her the belief that something was wrong with her. She carried that belief all her life and it affected her experiences and relationships. She was creating a wall around her and for people outside of her, they felt her wall and so stood back. What was wrong with her was the belief about herself.

What was learned was that the wall of false beliefs were influencing her experiences of life. From Duke's reaction of before and after, she understood that by having that wall up, she doesn't have connections with people. But when she opened up, Duke came over and connected. That was an ah-ha moment for her. A moment of awareness she experienced.

The bigger question was: How do I stop being in my fear like that? That is a very good question. I asked her if she wanted to discover the answer, and she replied yes.

Horses give us experiences. It is though these experiences that we learn the most about ourselves. They know us so much better than we know ourselves. They contribute greatly, helping us see our truth, and they help us find solutions that we already have inside us; they bring guidance to retrieve the answers. But we need to want to learn and let go of the false beliefs.

The process of experiential self discovery is magical through the way of the horse. Should you want to live the experience, book a free 30-minutes clarity call and let's discover how my herd and I can work with you? Click on the link below.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Frannie Chara & The BWH Herd

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