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Balance With Hooves Academy

Horse Wisdom Facilitated Learning  Certification

Are you feeling the call?

By Frannie Chara,
Owner of Balance With Hooves

Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Professional Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Practitioner, Reiki level 3 Practitioner

In this ever-changing world, transitioning into a higher consciousness way of living out of the illusion of this Matrix, many are feeling the call of service.  

Perhaps you have been feeling this call?  I can tell you, as a light worker, the world needs you and your partnership with horses to heal the world and this is a call you do not want to miss.

Everyone needs to realign through their heart, back to their truth and authenticity.  People need the guidance, balance and healing of horse medicine and your medicine as well.

This certification program prepares you for the important work that is currently needed and will be required on a greater level going forward.

Sign up for living your Soul contract, your purpose on this Earth:  to contribute to this New Earth energy for the greater good of all.


The certification program contains a complete curriculum for the person who loves horses but does not have any, the person who has a horse, someone who had horses at some point, it is for those of you who currently work in a therapeutic field, teachers, social workers, even those of you that feel the calling for something completely different as I did when I was a leader in the corporate world.

You will learn how to coach clients alongside your beloved equine partner(s) by helping them:

  • Develop self-awareness and empathy

  • Gain skills for coping with emotions and high stress situations

  • Become aligned with their authentic selves so they can create the life they desire

  • And so much more

  • Gain confidence and expertise they require to excel in a workplace environment

  • Increase their creative thinking and critical thinking

  • In the process of decision-making and problem-solving

  • Improve their communication and interpersonal skills

My approach to teaching this program is very spiritually inspired.  I will bring you to a level of consciousness alongside my herd that is most likely very foreign to you. 

This program begins with your own self exploration where you will experience all the exercises on a personal level, and we then proceed to cover various elements of the curriculum.

The intense program is offered on-site for 4 weeks Friday to Monday inclusively.  You have access to an all-inclusive online group where you can exchange with one another, ask questions and where I share a lot with you to further contribute to your learning.

You can add a component called: Child & Youth Development Certification.  (Additional cost).This will offer you a toolbox of exercises, how to create your own exercises, how to create and maintain client files everything you would need to focus on that segment of the population. 

Horse Wisdom Facilitated Learning offers the client memorable lessons they can sustain for the rest of thier lives because it is experiential. 

After successfully completing the program, you are presented with a certification by Balance With Hooves Academy.  A final evaluation is done as you facilitate your own workshop in partnership with a fellow facilitator.  Afterward, I commit myself to your continued success during a year after your certification date.  But don't worry, I'll be keeping you in sight.

Something else you will leave with ... a memorable, enriching, knowledgeable experience alongside professional standards that will change the world.

A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand.

Pat Perelli

  • weeks

    • theory & on-site practice
    • Monthly community call after certification
    • On-going group membership extended after certification

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Horse Wisdom Facilitated Learning Certification

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