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Neptune-the importance of consistency when setting healthy boundaries

A woman and I were in the field yesterday with the herd and Neptune came to see us.

Whenever someone is challenged with saying no, setting healthy boundaries or someone who needs to focus on establishing win-win situations Neptune shows up.

The woman liked Neptune but at one point she felt he was too imposing and in her bubble; she felt he was invading her space.

I asked her to communicate with him by intention - energetic exchange - what she wanted of him. She said to me she didn’t want him so close to her and I said tell him that.

She put her hand out and said “NO“ but she backed up saying that and he moved forward. I advised her that she was sending him mixed message. In one part she wanted to have him stay away but then was not standing her ground. I said try again and she did. She stood still and said “NO”.

I asked how does it feel to say no? She answered that it felt good and it seemed to give results as Neptune didn’t move forward - just yet.

Like anything we do that is a change, we sometimes get challenged just to test us if we are consistent. Consequently, as we were discussing Neptune came near her and she didn’t respond. She did not reinforce her need to have space. He touched her arm with his nose and pinched her skin with his teeth to which she reacted and said NO but she meant it that time.

He backed up, she had a greater space more importantly, she made him move. Not the other-way around.

I asked her if she had challenges saying NO to people? Asked if she felt her space was invaded? She answered:”OMG yes”.

In setting healthy boundaries, we need to do so with a clear intent to support our needs and not give into people around taking over our space, us, our life,

If we wait, if we do not set limits, if we are not consistent we will get hurt. We need to set boundaries to keep ourselves safe and the message needs to be clear that there will be limits EVERY time someone challenges our needs and it is not negotiable. If we don’t we end up with emotional pain, stress, and it can lead to physical illnesses after a lifetime of this.

Enforcing our limits gives us our power back, it protects our self- esteem, it encourages healthy relationships and promotes self respect.

Setting healthy boundaries is saying YES to ourselves!

Do you find yourself feeling like you are not valued, heard, that your needs aren’t met, or validated?

Most likely it is caused because you have not sethealthy boundaries.

Let’s explore this and identify how you can empower yourself!

Love, Light & Blessings

Frannie Chara & The BWH Herd

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