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Not being part of the crowd

A young lady came for her first session today. With every new client, I go over the safety portion around horses, their ways of communicating, and the goal of this first session … to feel a connection with one or more horse. This young woman had never been in proximity to horses and was feeling a bit anxious not knowing what to expect. I assured her I was going to be with her at all time. I answered her questions and then we smudged.

When we walked in the field, Neptune walked up to us. I recall me saying to myself: “ Ok! So much for starting easy. Neptune is the kind of horse that is up close and personal. He’s in our bubble and doesn’t give much space. Neptune being Neptune didn’t disappoint. I asked how she was feeling and she said it was awkward. I asked to clarify and she said she felt invaded.

I communicated to Neptune to give us space and he moved. I asked her if this was something she has experienced or is experiencing? She said it was.

As she was sharing details, Jasper came towards us as Neptune was checking in if I meant for him to give us space and Jasper moved him away!

She was telling me that usually when she is invaded someone comes to breakup the situation. She said to me I do my stuff and don’t respond and eventually they leave me alone! She added that she felt challenged mostly when with a group of people.

As she was sharing some details we both observed the herd and when I asked her what was going through her mind she answered that she observed the herd trying to get leftovers in one tub while the other tub had more; she couldn’t understand why they were doing that?

I received a message for her: “You are a leader and this gives you insight on life others don’t see. You are not a crowd follower you never will be. You walk your own path based on abilities others don’t have.”

I explained that this was like one horse eating there attracted more to come because they “hang out”. They are followers. Then Duke came straight to us. Duke‘s, a Clydesdale, medicine is being empowered and knowing we are bigger than how we see ourselves. I translated his medicine and this young woman GOT IT. Duke came to confirm that she was bigger than what she believed herself to be.

She said she felt it…. She said this is exactly what I am currently working on.

Et voilà!!!

We are ready for our next session!

Thank you to my magical wise herd for feeling her energy and bringing about the scenario for her to learn from.


Frannie Chara and the BWH herd

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