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The power to speak great language comes from a horse's eye

I worded Martin Buber's quote from "an animal" to "a horse" because it is more specific to what I want to write about.

For many, animal communication is not a concept they believe in nor know of. In order to understand this text, we’re going to have to suspend some modern Western disbelief, and enter into the fantasy of my world.

The horse is a majestic animal. To me and for others, they have embodied the spiritual power of independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, competition, strength, courage, adventure, expression and wisdom. Being in the presence of a horse gives the feeling of privilege and inspires deep respect and humbleness.

I've learned that what they say through body language is important, but what they don't say is equally important, and this language is seen in their eyes and felt in our heart.

Their eye is a window into the soul, and it is just as true with horses as it is with humans and other animals... I can actually see eternity.. I see grace .... they are a reflection of their majestic spirits. Furthermore, I believe they have an awareness of God connection instinctively like we don't have.

It is through their eyes and senses they connect to us, and from there one can begin a transformational journey. Why? Because they have the answers, the wisdom, the knowing most of are unable to connect to because along the way we forgot. However, through their perception of us ... they can guide us to what is IN US that we cannot connect with.

How is it possible? How is it done? How, how, how? We first to need to have a curiosity to experience it and a willingness to believe what we experience with the horse. Let me share briefly some science behind it. The HeartMath institute have been researching for over 25 years the heart-brain connection. More specifically, how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and overall health. Yes our heart. Our heart is the big receiver and emitter. The heart's electromagnetic field can extend out in all direction into space around us and communicate to the brain.

You have heard the expression of "a horse has a lot of heart"? Well, that is quite the case. A horse's heart can weigh about 7 to 9 pounds, compared to our human heart, which is a little half-pounder.

From their heart, they sense their environment to keep them safe. From their heart, they sense our energetic frequency and pick up on us more quickly than we can pick up on them. Consequently, what they pick up, they will look for what they feel and from there they will have a behaviour ... a reaction or no reaction.

What occurs next, totally depends on how we respond in this environment. What should happen is a heart-to-heart connection providing coherence between the horse and us, and from there, coherence between our mind and heart. All intertwined. All connected. Horse - human. It really is a beautiful and magical experience.

It ignites all of our senses, we become mindful, and we begin to experience what is described as a sense that is extremely soothing, nourishing, peaceful and healing. When that coherence is present and not disturbed, our sense of intuition is provided an opportunity to come alive. It is from darkness to light, and once that light is on we are not the same.

This exchange, this magic, this energy is what horses offer us. We look into their eyes, and we KNOW and hear what they communicate because the stream of connection is open. Isn't that an absolutely beautiful thing?

That is the power of great language coming from a horse's eye. That connection they offer us and what transpires from that is greater than us ... and this is why I feel God in them.

I work in partnership with these amazing animals and witness some incredible experiences between them and the clients that come. I am in gratitude of this work. Should you be called to see the light in you through the eye of the horse, let's connect.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Frannie Chara and the BWH herd

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