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Certified Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness coach
Master Reiki
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Passionate about horses since my childhood, I dreamed that they would be part of my life but I didn't see this dream a possibility forty some years after.  In 2007 when I was in the middle of empowering ME in authenticity by doing a lot of inner work, and making huge changes I purchased my first horse a registered Thoroughbred (English Thoroughbred) and former racehorse which I named Chinook from his racing name "Master Wind". Together, we discovered and established a long-term partnership Little did I know this was the beginning of something greater than I ever imagined.  As I thought I was seeking to be with horses, I know now they were seeking me. 

On this journey of authentic living and being fuelled by my desire to transform what was into what could be, I allowed myself to be ME for the first time in my life at 42 years old.  I started by identifying my dream: owning a horse.  I started volunteering at a nearby stable mucking stalls just so I could be around horses.  Then I started riding, worked at improving my horse riding skills and participating in non competitive riding events, I felt the need to do more than horse riding. As the care provided to my horse brought me a great sense of satisfaction, the desire to become a certified equine massage therapist was added to my bucket list.

After obtaining my Equine Massage certification, I developed an intense need to contribute to the healing of horses through Reiki and I am now a Level 3 Reiki practionnner. The combination of massage and healing energy allows horses to be more mentally balanced, emotionally and physically. I practiced equine massage therapy as a sideline and my very first experience of communication from a horse came as I was treating a racehorse and I heard in my heart: "I don't want to do this anymore.  Please help." and without thinking about it I answered:"I cannot do anything for you, I don't own you". I knew the owner would not listen to my recommendation to retire the horse.  After saying this I caught myself in tears and then questionned myself about what had just happened saying I had imagined this experience.  From that point I decided to no longer do equine massage therapy.

By having such a love for horses, I established a bond that only a few people can understand. Just as our journey takes us to places we never thought we would go to, I experienced events and met people who introduced me to a variety of equine practices as I had never known before. As a result, I enrolled in a horse learning program whereby human and horse work together for life transformation through personal healing by horse medicine.  In 2014 I was officially certified as an Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Coach from Gratitude Works. I then created my business the same year. 


I got my second horse Tory who was a Clydesdale saved from a kill pen in Ontario.  She arrived in frail shape.  Although her life with me was short her contribution to getting another Clydesdale was huge.  I fell in love with the breed's character and consequently got Duke.

I am a firm believer that life events happen FOR us and not to us.  Over an weekend of reflection, I decided to give my notice at my corporate job because another life was awaiting me.  Another dream of having MY OWN farm was in the plan.  I was living from pay check to paycheck and I had no idea how I would make this happen but something in me reassured me I was being taken care of.  A week after giving my notice I was offered a job back home.

I packed what was left of my material possession after having left most of it in my separation and I moved "back home" with my daughter and my horses. A month after I arrived, my beloved grandmother passed and left me a heritage.  I had no idea she had that money for me. and nine months after moving I bought 100 acres of land with a house and barns which were already on the property. I created my centre called :Balance With Hooves and had an official opening.  I held workshops, one-on-one sessions, group sessions for team building and developped a school program.  I was getting quite busy as a single mom, with a full-time job, a growing business and the superwoman syndrom caught up with me as a burnout.

I thought:"Ugh!!! more inner work???  Indeed, it was.

In 2018 I resigned from my corporate job and decided to go full out with my business.  A huge leap of faith without knowing for sure if I was going to make it?  Inside a voice was saying:" do it! do it! do it!"  and I had this knowing that I didn't have to figure out the how?  

I enrolled in a life coaching program with a college in British Columbia, and was certified and recognized as a life coach through Internal Coaching Federation.  As I was in the middle of business growth, COVID-19 changed my trajectory.  Another "inner-work" opportunity and this one has been by far where I have grown and expanded the most to date.

During this time I became clear of my purpose, my tribe and how I was called to be of service in this time of great planetary shift as an equine guided spiritual coach offering my gift as an intuitive and a medium to translate horse wisdom to those who are called to receive awareness in order to transform their reality.

And here we are.  Here you are.  Being called to connect for you to create that shift in you through the way of the horse.

My personal journey has allowed me to become even stronger through the battles and transitions of life as well as the teachings of autonomy, co-creation and personal fulfillment but more importantly falling in love with me and seeing me as a human worthy of what I desire and able to create that reality that supports my beliefs, my values.  This is the journey you are called to as well.

From having spent many years in business and executive community holding a variety of leadership roles and in the last decade I was a Six Sigma Black Belt certified Leader leading change towards perfection.   Let's not forget my experience as an individual and single mom determined to make all my dreams come true, one step at a time.  With this, my mission today is to inspire others to journey by taking advantage of new opportunities and to help them write the next chapters of their lives and let go of limiting beliefs to honor their authentic self.

Welcome to the beginning of your authentic life.

Love, Light & Blessings
Frannie Chara & the BWH herd



Meet The BWH Herd

My very first horse, an ex-race horse,

Thoroughbred, that I got from an auction farm.

He had been removed from the racing circuit

because he wasn't good enough

I suppose and he was trained for classic riding.

His story is not all available however his behaviour tells

the story of many racing horses. He is he eldest horse I own.

  • Solitaire.

  • He teaches us to be comfortable being alone. It is not about being alone it is about being in the best company with ourselves.

  • He shows up for people in a passive way.

  • He is wise and is there only for those who are willing to go deep within themselves.

  • Has old wounds resurface in us

  • He is an old soul. Reminds us to take life easy

  • Do not eat the whole elephant at once but one bite at a time



Then came Duke, a roan Clydesdale who I found after having lost Tory,

another Clydesdale who I saved from the kill pen.

I didn't have her that long but she left me with a love for that breed which had me look for another => Duke.

Duke is the perfect example of a leader - Leadership Vision, passion, holder of values, patience, teacher, confidence and humility, compassion Interpersonal skills, communicator, loyalty, integrity, patience He is huge but has a kind heart and is gentle and demonstrates great respect. Empowerment - make yourself big Life is bigger than what we see


Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy, a quarterhorse who I found when I was looking for another horse to add to my herd as I was growing my business. She belonged to a young woman who had it on her bucket list to own a horse and discovered she had other passions but wanted a good home for Miss Daisy.

•She is beautiful and she doesn’t know it.

•She is sociable, loves to connect. •Has a huge heart.

•She is a healer •She is kind but alert. •Protective and reactive.

•She exudes all the qualities of a great mother, friend, sister, friend. •Passionate, gentle

Miss Daisy.jpg

When I picked up Miss Daisy I was told another ex-racing horse with a heavy baggage of abuse was going to be sold for meat consequently I picked him up as well and him and Miss Daisy travelled together to my farm.


It took Beau over a year to adapt to me and we share a beautiful story together of what it takes to build trust: consistency, respect and patience. Beau is now thriving.

Trust issues the result of deep trauma. very sensitive to energies and is intolerant of negative emotions. Can be a bully and has many fears. •He teaches us to be completely honest and authentic with ourselves. •He will only make connection with those of us who reach that state of mind. •He represents strength, resiliency and adaptability. Survival. Face our fears.


A hanovarian/thoroughbred, who was another friend's horse.

She had bought her for her daughter's competitive events but found out Sophie had genetic arthritis and was not able to compete.

I kept her during the time my friend was in legal battles to get her $25K back and when all was resolved Sophie stayed to be part of the BWH herd.

  • Sophie is stunning.

  • She joyful, curious, playful.

  • She fits in with anyone.

  • Faces her fears and stands strong.

  • She is a ray of sunshine. She is spontaneous.

  • Open minded.

  • She is an extravert and if she could talk she would be chatty.

  • She is sociable and draws energy from crowds.

  • She is assertive and cheerful in her social interactions.

  • She teases and flirts.

  • Caring and compassionate


A percheron/quarterhorse was the first born here from Miss Daisy and big spoiled horse who is very effective teaching people how to set healthy boundaries.


He is growing up fast.

  • Innocence,

  • See life through the eyes of a child.

  • Be childlike.

  • Allow discoveries and enjoy the journey of discovery.

  • Accept learning without judgement when you make a mistake

  • Willing to please but also has a dominant side and dances between both

  • Requires clarity and will test until you become clear about YOU

  • persistence

  • breaking through limiting beliefs

  • Boundary setting


A beautiful white thoroughbred, who belonged to my friend who had Sophie and she also wanted Rascal to retire here with me.


Rascal is a great addition to the herd.

  • Very heart sensitive

  • Integrity, sincerity and honor when you win his heart

  • curious

  • freedom - has his own agenda

  • can seem stubborn but he is teaching us something about ourselves

  • silliness - can be a joker - brings laughter

  • Loyal


Last but not least, Jasper, another thoroughbred, who I came upon by visiting where he was at.


He was skin and bones and so were the other four horses with him. He called me out there I know because he acknowledged me and said:

" save us."


I asked the owner what he was doing with the horses and he said they were going to be trailored to the meat factory in two days.


Well I asked to delay for two weeks and I was able to find new owners for all of them within a week and Jasper came to me.


Jasper is now very healthy and thriving as well.

  • Calm

  • Confident

  • Attentive

  • Connected

  • Compassionate

  • Holds space like no other

  • Wise

  • Hope

  • Second chances

  • Thriving



"Frannie is very passionate about this work and it shows when she talks about it. - as a facilitator.  Providing insight during debrief is a strong point when working in a partnership with the horses.  Frannie is able to read what they are saying and is able to support the herd as needed". 


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